After your account has been created you will be given a username and a temporary password to login to the system. There are two methods of logging into the system: SSH and SCP

SSH: terminal access

Linux, Mac and other (non-Windows)

users should have an ssh client already installed. Just run the following command in a terminal:


where “username” is the username that will be provided to you.


users are recommended to install the PuTTY program and run it in SSH mode using the same address above to connect.

First login: Changing your password

The first time that you log into your account you will immediately be prompted to change your password.  You will be asked for your original password again and then you will need to enter in a new password twice. After this you will be logged out. You will then be able to log into the system with your new password.

File Transfer: getting files to/from your cluster account

There are two ways to transfer data to/from your account on the cluster:
1. SCP: Secure Copy
On a Mac you can use Fugu or the command line (scp command). On Windows Filezilla (specify port 22 to use scp) and WinSCP are used a lot. On Linux generally the command line scp command.
Examples of using the command line are:

scp -p file_name

or for a full directory tree:

scp -pr dir_name

2. CIFS Share: 

If you are on a University of Maine System network then you can mount your home directory as a Share (on a Mac system) or a Mapped Drive (on a Windows system). You first need to change your CIFS password from the temporary one I initially sent you. To do this, once you ssh in to Viz3 run the following command:

ssh cifs smbpasswd

It will ask for your old password which will be the same temporary password that you were given when your account was first created. Then it will ask for a new password twice.
After that you can Map a drive in Windows to:


with username your_account_name and then your new password. For a Mac share use:


First time use warning: if you have a new account and you have not used SSH to login yet you will not be able to use SCP to copy files to the system. This is because the first time you login to the system it will require you to change your password and you cannot do this with an SCP client.