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Virtual Machine Pricing

Total cost is based on Total Project  Allocation of Resources. Charged on a monthly basis

Cores:RAM + storage space=Total cost per month

Typical price per Tier for different Virtual Machines sized instances

Description of Tiers is under Pricing

# of Virtual Cores: GB of Disk Storage Space: GB of RAM


Price per month            Tiny  Small Medium  Large   Huge
vCPU:GB disk:GB RAM     1:40:1 2:40:2 4:40:4 8:40:8 16:40:16
TIER 1 $6.91 $13.02 $25.25 $49.70 $98.61
TIER 2 $19. $35. $67. $131. $259.
TIER 3 $42. $80. $155. $306. $609.

***All Virtual Machines include***

Nightly backups, 1Gbit Public Network, No bandwidth charges, 8-5pm support.

Please see HPC & Storage pricing for cost of additional hard disk space.
Please fill out the Virtual Machine Request form to help determine your project needs.

Getting started with VM’s