Mar 25 2014

Join Us! Hands on Maine Dataverse Sessions

Wednesday March 26th & Thursday March 27th 12:30pm-1:30pm 

ACG@UMaine Locally Sourced Cloud Based Data Storage Solutions, Data Management Plans & Maine Dataverse Repository Hands on Sessions

Need a secure NSF compliant data repository? Check out the locally hosted cloud based ACG Maine Dataverse repository. Need to know more about NSF data management compliance? Get information on how the ACG can help develop and help implement data management plans for your NSF project. Become NSF compliant and be better positioned to receive future grant monies. Come and create a free account at the Hands on Session.

All sessions are at Norman Smith Hall Room 107

Other Upcoming Sessions 

ACG@UMaine Scientific Applications of High Performance Computing

Wednesday April 2nd & Thursday April 3rd 12:30pm-1:30pm Brown Bag

Want to get results faster or many more results in the same time? HPC parallel processing allows for multiple computations(large data sets) to be processed in a faction of time it takes for a single high speed computer. Think of having 50 or 100 computers dedicated to processing your project’s data. Achieve faster results, spend more time in the field less time behind the computer, and bring your projects up to speed. Learn how fast to get up and running in this hands on session.

ACG@UMaine Applied uses of Virtual Machines/Servers

Wednesday April 9th & Thursday April 10th 12:30pm-1:30pm Brown Bag

How much of your research depends on a single PC working correctly?  How long would it take to recover from a hardware failure? Tired of maintaining computers? Want to spend more of your time on your research and less time (and money) on computer maintenance? Want to share a dedicated computer among multiple users with little risk? Want reliable, cost effect, and fast computing power? Realize all this and more with virtual machine (VM) technology. VM allows you to design a custom built “machine” or a copy of an existing