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Compiling code

If you need to compile your own programs we have a number of compilers available which are handled by the Modules package. The compiler modules that are currently available are:

  • Gnu Compilers 4.6.3 (also for OpenMPI development)
    • module load gcc-4.6.3
    • module load openmpi/gnu/1.5.4
  • Intel Compilers 12.1.3 (also for OpenMPI and MVAPICH2 development)
    • module load intel/12.1.3
    • module load openmpi/intel/1.5.4
    • module load mvapich2/intel/1.8
  • AMD Open64 Compilers
    • module load open64-


Available library modules:

  • NetCDF
    • module load netcdf-gnu
    • module load netcdf-intel
  • FFTW
    • module load fftw-3.3.2-intel
  • ACML
    • module load acml-5.1.0/open64_64
    • module load acml-5.1.0/gfortran64


For non-compiled development we also have:

  • Oracle Java 1.7
    • module load java-
  • Python 2.6.5
    • module load python/2.6.5
  • Python 2.7.3
    • module load python/2.7.3



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